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Source Code of Speech To Text Converter

This project is a web-based Speech To Text converter. Users can speak into their device’s microphone, and the spoken words are transcribed into text. The interface includes language selection, a conversion button, a text area to display the result, and buttons to copy, download, and clear the text. The code is implemented using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it provides a user-friendly interface for Speech To Text converter.

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Source Code of Text To Speech Converter

This web application allows users to enter text and convert it into speech using the browser’s Text To Speech Converter capabilities. The code structure and styling are optimized for user-friendly interaction. It provides options to select voices, control playback, and clear text input for a complete TTS experience. The code is well-commented for clarity and ease of understanding.

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Source Code of Custom Cursor

This web application enhances user interaction by providing a custom cursor that follows their mouse movements. It creates a visually appealing experience by replacing the default cursor with a customized circular element. The code structure and functionality have been optimized and well-commented for clarity and functionality. You can further customize the cursor’s appearance and behavior to suit your specific project requirements.

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What is HTML: A Quick and Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wondered how websites are created and displayed on your screen? The answer lies in HTML, the foundation of web development. This article revolves around a fundamental question that often crosses our minds: ‘What is HTML?’ We will explore this question and delve into its fundamental aspects. HTML serves as the backbone of every web page you visit, acting as a blueprint that instructs your browser on how to structure and present content.

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Frontend Developer Roadmap

Are you aspiring to become a frontend developer? Would you like to learn about the abilities and information needed to succeed in this area? This article will give you a complete guide to becoming a successful frontend developer. We will discuss the important skills, tools, and technologies that you must learn in order to do well in the fast-moving field of web development.

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A Simple Guide to Becoming a Web Developer

Are you curious about the field of web development? Do you imagine designing attractive websites and web applications? Becoming a web developer can be a thrilling and fulfilling adventure. Whether you’re beginning with no prior knowledge or aiming to enhance your current abilities, this article will guide you step by step towards becoming a proficient web developer, using simple language that anyone can understand.

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